The Long Dream 2019

A lifesized poster wears an original poem about blackness and queerness and my relationship with gender. The imagery is inspired by esoterica: knowledge encoded into complex language and symbols that requires immense study to unravel.

The poster features a digital self–––portrait and custom hand lettering.

                                           Two risograph prints featuring pull–––quotes were available for purchase at the time of the showing.


Dreams falling to the earth like rain.

We demons are razed castles in the sky and hoofbeats that cauterize a waystation into hallowed waters. Family quilts of shark leather and fishing mesh sewn together by the shoestrings of whalers and coarse seaweed and whatever was in our pockets at the time.

Devilsea is ours. It’s yours because you twist it and pull it and stretch it and tear it apart and still, the seams hold fast their promise. Pain is the pleasure of being yourself. Pain is the pleasure of showing your true skin. It’s ours because we labored for it, tilled the ocean floor and ate salt as sacrament.

Devilsea exists now is a collection of relics set in a remythologized world that focuses the experiences of black and brown queer people as fallen angels, what it means to be a devil, and the ocean as your god.

The products will be available through nicofontana in July.

Coming Soon

Wish Fulfillment 2020

A performance that would have taken place in the Spring of 2020. The participant attaches a wrist strap and inscribes the subject of their desire onto the wall. The strap moves a glass ball that bleach is poured onto, marking the cloth beneath it.

Prospective packaging for what the participants in the performance would receive after the performance.

Queer Art Matters 2021

Promotional material for a digital symposium at VCU.

The Anderson 2021

Digital posters for a gallery in Richmond, VA.

nico fontana 2021

Instagram story promotional material for the live events hosted by the nicofontana printing initiative.

Two–––Headed Calf: Oracle’s Game 2020